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Sandy and Starbright - Week 8

There has been a lot of reflection and learnings this week.

Last week I mentioned that a new 'buddy' horse had upset the paddock balance, it has taken ~10 days for Cracker and I to return to normal.  She had decided that it was (solely) my fault (and it was) that the balance was upset.   This gave me the opportunity to re-visit the ground work from the early weeks, re-storing the balance.  It was nice to have the Cracker back.

In one of the early updates, I mentioned that I wasn’t sure who was teaching who.  This has continued to expand.  Teaching a horse to tie up is an element which I am not confident with however watching Grace and Rafiki and quickly how they progressed, I followed their lead.  The end result was Cracker standing really quietly for over an hour both Saturday and Sunday.  During this time, we had other horses moving around and cars rolling past.  Cracker did not care in the slightest.

There will be a lot more tie up practice over the coming weeks, this is more for me instead of Cracker.

After the tie up session, a nap in the sun for Cracker, we tackled float loading.  The result was amazing.  I asked her to come into the float, she took a few moments to assess the ramp etc and then cruised into the float.   She then relaxed and was happy to stand while Grace and Raf also loaded into the float.

So the learning is that it is okay to lead, and okay to follow.  Thank you Grace, Raf and Cracker.


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