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VBA Pippin

VBA Pippin is a mature, brown mare who was caught whilst pregnant from the Bogong High Plains regions of the Alpine National Park in Victoria in winter, 2014. Pippin foaled down with VBA Lilly at our Brumby Junction sanctuary and was sponsored by the Wehl family whilst she lived with her herd here. Pipins foal was weaned and Pippin returned to one of our larger paddocks to build up her strength and continue to get used to life on a farm. Pippins trainer in the Australian Brumby Challenge is Sarah Buckley.

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Follow Sarah and Pippin on their journey !

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Sarah Buckley

Ridden Section: Non Professional Trainer

Sarah is a 22 year old has had a passion for training horses since she was a teenager, predominantly for eventing and dressage but also rehoming some rescues when she has had the time. Working full time means Sarah's horses have to get worked under lights and on the weekend. She enjoys training horses from the start because they get the chance to show her what discipline they want to do in the future and not be pushed into something they don't enjoy.

Sarah has always taken a gentle approach to gain unhandled and scared horses trust, tailoring it for each individual horse. She believes once you have the trust you can keep building on it to create a bonded masterpiece. Strongly standing by the saying you can't purchase a partnership you have to earn it and create it yourself, to get the best out of yourself and a horse - hard work pay off.

The Australian Brumby Challenge will allow Sarah to really test her horsemanship, she has experience but also loves a challenge and to feel like she is making a difference. Equitana is the perfect goal and even if it is just one brumby she helps, to that horse you are changing their future, their lifespan, their life.

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