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Sarah and Pippin - Week 10

The weather is warming up and with that Pip has been a little witch this week! I think a combination of being clipped and being fed more she has found her go button when being ridden! This isn’t such a bad thing and I am now just working on slowing her down and balance.

We had our first lesson and she struggled a bit with being long reined but she did eventually get it, it’s a strange concept when they have never been asked to go in a circle around you with 2 lunge ropes but she was super with having the one around her bum.

She also had her first competition, 35cm show jumping. It was a lovely low key day in the arena, she has never seen a jumping course before or dazzle boards so we did have a few run outs in our first round which was both of our faults… steering being one and her being a bit unsure so opting for the easy way out but she went over them all the second time and in our second round she was much better as she had seen them all before. I wasn’t too interested in the actual jumping side of the competition, just so long as she tried and wasn’t naughty. I was more interested in seeing how she coped with the dogs, kids and parents running around stressed, big horses, shetlands all warming up together. I was a little unsure when we were parked right next to the arena so we had lots of horses waiting to go into the ring right next to us as well as cheering, clapping, horses walking behind her while she was eating tied to the float. She was actually very good with this busy environment and overall it was a good day.

This week I want to work on rugging Pip in the paddock, I find if she doesn’t have a halter on she walks away from her food to avoid being rugged so I will work on this and I want to concentrate on desensitising her to things because she can still be a bit jumpy. 


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