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Sarah and Pippin - Week 11

We reached the half way mark this week! After our little hiccup last week of Pip not exactly wanting to work with me, she really stepped it up this week and was back to my happy little chappy. I think she was just testing her boundaries last week, which I think is great! It shows that she is thinking and not just a robot and I really love that in a horse. I find it usually means that they go that extra mile for you in the long run and it shows how far she will go when things get a bit hard. The workload is getting more for her because I am asking her to slow down and stretch over the back and for a horse that has never done that before its tough work but the only thing she was doing was get a little tense and when pushed on popped in a pigroot in, in the transitions from trot to canter. This has totally stopped now which is great and only happened for around 2-3 rides, 1-2 times. It was definitely not piggy, just a bit stubborn/unsure.

Anyway I did work on this week’s goals, she improved a lot with the desensitising and being rugged in the paddock which was great. We still have a way to go with things being dragged off her and flapping things around her but 1 step at a time and she is improving so I think it’s something that I will just work every week slowly, slowly…

In the saddle she is really trying with slowing down her pace and stretching over the back, steering is getting better but her canter needs work. This is next on the list of things to do… I guess also because I am used to horses and not a tiny pony I feel like our legs are going 1000 miles an hour but I think to improve this she just needs to build muscle and do 1000 circles and trail rides to get the balance happening. In all fairness she is pretty balanced compared to other horses I have broken in which I assume is because she is a bit older and has been out on the land so has more natural balance then a domestic horse which is lovely J

We had a photoshoot Sunday again, she did a great job and we got some lovely photos from Michelle Knoll Photography, I love seeing how we progress <3

Still have lots to work on and this week, you guessed is it about canter and more desensitising. 


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