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Sarah and Pippin - Week 14

This week Pip has been put back into work and is going well. Slowing down in the trot, I think if she is going to go to a kid I would rather her be a bit slower and than too forward. Her walk is lovely and flowing and she works well over the back. She is getting some great muscle and I have backed off her food because she is getting quite pudgy. Her canter still needs work and is a bit rushed but I feel like considering the amount of work she has had its going well. She can canter circles and around the arena and over jumps. It just needs to be slowed down a bit and get a bit more balance.

She is getting a lot more unflappable with things around her which is great because she was a bit flinchy to begin with, she never ran away when she got a little fright just a little flinch here and there but I wanted to nip it in the bud and show her that there is no need to worry about things flapping and tapping her. There is an update on my facebook page of Pip eating while not being tied up and I am using a chaff bag flapping it around her, it’s good to see how calm she is. 

Next week I would like to take her on a little outing and work on her canter. I feel like once her canter is a little bit more balanced I have reached where I wanted to with how she is working – soft and relaxed in all 3 paces and then I can focus more on the aspects of Equitana that we are competing in. Lots of handy mount and making sure we are as flawless as possible.

All in all I am really proud of Pip, it’s going to be really hard to see her go to a new home but I think we have come so far and we would have achieved everything I wanted to and more by the time she goes. I hope her new owners live close to me and I can keep in touch and help them with getting to know her and getting the best out of her and her new little rider.



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