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Sarah and Pippin - Week 15

The weather this week has been so wet and windy and cold! Pip looks great despite this horrid weather situation.

Every week it is really the same stuff, desensitise and working on slow and steady… she is improving but I just repeat, put the pressure up, repeat and she is dealing well with it.

Due to my size on Pip I don’t like to ride her long but we are getting some good work in our short rides which is lovely.

We rode on Sunday and pretty much got blown away!  It was so windy.. lucky I know she is good with the wind now. Compared to other horses I have had which go loopy when the wind starts she was such a good girl!

She isn’t being hard fed anymore, just out on the grass and I give her grass hay.. I think she is looking lovely but I don’t think it would take too much for her to become too fat!

I want to take her out next week but I am working 7 days! So that’s going to make it pretty hard to get anything productive done.



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