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Sarah and Pippin - Week 16

Pip was worked 3 days this week and we really are getting our canter now yay! It started looking really good and her sitting down on her bum and working over the back! Yay. I worked every day this week so she didn’t get worked over the weekend due to the hours I was working but during the week she worked really well and we did lots of desensitising in the saddle which was a good start and she took it well!

Next week we are going to work on changing things up a bit in the arena so she gets used to things moving as she can be a bit unsure when jumps and poles move between rides. I will also try and make our transitions a bit more flawless, especially between trot and canter.

Pip also does play with the bit so I am going to start thinking about changing her bit maybe and see if that fixes it.

Please see the photos I have attached as a quick transformation of little Pippy! She is getting more muscle and working over the back.

Until next week! Not long to go now!




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