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Sarah and Pippin - Week 17

Pip has been worked 5 times this week. I still haven’t worked on my freestyle but she is going well and I have a few ideas flowing. I wish they were flowing quicker. It’s so hard to decide what I want to show in those short little minutes!

In terms of riding she is going well, I can move her frame lower and higher in walk and trot. Her canter is slowing down, I am not too worried about canter because we don’t have time for that to be in frame so I am just not going to worry. She is going nicely and it does take lots of consistent work to get that how I would like.

There are a few things that I have given up teaching her that we need to know because there isn’t enough time and I don’t want to do something sloppy and half done I would rather just not bother about that part and work on what I can focus on and have been training.


I took Pip to a local XC course on Sunday and we had so much fun jumping all these little fences. She wasn’t sure about the first jump but once I worked her over it a bit she was great and we had lots of fun. It’s a strange thing cross country when you have never been out there with other horses, logs and kangaroos but she didn’t get hot at all which was great and is a little gun. 



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