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Sarah and Pippin - Week 18

I haven’t ridden Pip much this week. The weather and working another horse, its hard to find time. I did leave her a few days and then jumped on and rode her liberty over a few jumps! She is so cute and doesn’t get grumpy when she hasn’t been ridden. I am working on just playing around with her as a child would. Picking things up and carrying them, going through gates, working on a loose rein, playing around with different things to desensitise her.

This week I did decide on my music for the freestyle, now I need a costume!!!! That’s the hard part… and to create a ride of course.

Pip is a pleasure to have around and I enjoy her little personality every day. She is never nasty or marey and loves to be fussed over.

I took her for a trail ride and these people on the main road across from our house wanted to pat her as I was just standing her next to the pub to watch traffic and get her used to crowds. She was amazing with the people who had never pat a horse in real life and being on the mainroad with trucks, cyclists and cars whizzing past.



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