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Sarah and Pippin - Week 19

This week I had a lovely mixture of freaking out that I hadn’t worked enough on my freestyle and trying to balance working out what I was going to do and ‘normal riding’

I have decided my music which is great…. Now to just decide which parts of Pip I want to show the most. What makes her stand out in my eyes? It’s so hard to choose when I like so many parts of her and I don’t know what is her strong points because she is pretty easy to do everything with and I don’t have time to show everything!!
Anyway our canter is going well. Cantering the arena and then circles, she isn’t in much of a frame but that’s going to take time we don’t have so I am just working on transitions and slow and balance. It’s a lot to remember for a little pony who is being taught everything so quickly but she makes me proud every ride. We have some good parts and some parts that need work but overall I think she is improving.

Her trot work has always been her strong point but as I stop working on it to work on canter and my freestyle and other things that are required at Equitana it’s not going aswell. She isn’t as consistant in the frame but I can’t have everything. I am trying to just get some nice walk/trot/canter work before I move onto some of things to finish the ride.

She is still getting a few days off a week and next week I will make sure I get my freestyle done so I can work on a costume and then I have a week or so to pack and tune it up.



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