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Sarah and Pippin - Week 2

A successful second week with little Pip. After around 3 minor breakdowns at the start of the week due to feeling like our progression had stopped/even possibly gone backwards and of course I didn’t deal with this in a logical way… it took me a few days to figure out how to move forward… I still did work with Pip but after a great session last Saturday, Sunday we just had chill day and then Monday Pip was disinterested so I just went back to working on patting her shoulders, Tuesday she was still disinterested and didn’t even want me to pat her so by Wednesday when we still weren’t progressing I was starting to freak out a bit. But after a few minimal hours of sleep and chats with fellow friends when I arrived home from work Thursday night I was ready to tackle the next step.

On Thursday I braved using a dressage whip to get her used to touch and more importantly for me make it so she couldn’t shy away from it and I could follow her with the whip keeping the pressure on… I did try this last week but because we were having progression without it, I had decided to continue without using it. I had success this time and eventually I gently roped her… after letting her drag that around for a little while, I just lay a few different type of halters on her neck but I quickly decided I didn’t like any of them. They were either too old, too nice, or rope halter and I wanted a buckle at the front as she is a bit headshy so I didn’t want to be trying to flick it over her nose… I then took the rope off and left her alone, I thought that was a good progression forward and I was happy with how she handled it stepping up to the challenge and no nasty behaviour to be seen (No kicking, biting etc).

On Friday I was waiting for mum to come home with her new halter so I roped her again but we were fighting a losing battle with the light so I ended up just repeating the night before and stopped using the whip instead when she felt the pressure and moved away just followed her with my hand, keeping in line with her shoulder… She grasped this quite well on both sides so that was great, I decided to leave the haltering until the next day when there was more light.

Saturdays are my favourite day! In the morning I did lots of laying around on her, getting her used to having someone lie on her and patt her all over (see video attached) and then in the afternoon with my mums help (which until this point I had only had me, myself and I to work with) we got the halter on. I was proud of how Pip took having a new person in the pen with her. She settled quite quickly which was great. Once we got the halter on we left her alone to get used to her new pony head bling.

Sunday, I only did one session in the afternoon. I just wanted to start tying her up and brush her. The tying up/leading needs work, so I will focus on that next week. But I did manage to give her a good brush on her body, tomorrow I tackle the dreadlocks in her mane!! She was relaxed enough to eat her chaff while I brushed her so that was great to see, but did get a little bit shitty when I was brushing her front legs and threatened a little nip. I had to laugh at her.. typical mare. It wasn’t nasty just a ‘do you have to be doing that’. I love that she isn’t protective over her food. I think for a little bossy boots mare like Pip that is something that could have been an issue but so far she has been great… she also started to enjoy head pats which was lovely to see for a little pony who has been very head shy since I got her.

This week started off a little rocky to say the least but I feel like we really progressed in the second half and are back on track, we also achieved our minor and semi major goals… we just didn’t get to the wash part but that will come!

Next Week:
Minor Goal – tie up/leadingaroundMajor Goal – Pick up feet.

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