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Sarah and Pippin - Week 20

Pip had her little feet done this week and massage to prepare her for Equitana.

That was at the start of the week and she was quite fresh when I rode her after a few days break! She wasn’t too sore just a few niggly bits which I am sure is a combination of using different muscles now she is under saddle and probably just from everyday life.

What I loved was that even though she was fresh she isn’t naughty! Just a bit more forward and takes a little bit more time to settle into work. This doesn’t bother me as all horses act different when they are feeling good. The worst that she can do it pop in 1 pigroot in canter and then she is off and normal again and continues on with her work.

Pip isn’t really into food which is so unlike a pony!! She likes food and eats her food but she likes pats and cuddles and scratches a lot more.

We worked more on our freestyle, still no idea what I am going to do but I am just kicking along testing out what might work with my music and my costume.

So much to organise and so little time. I am going to be so stressed in the next few weeks. Lucky Pip is pretty easy to work with so hopefully she is a bit calmer next week once she gets this out of her system… I think she will be she is very much a minimal effort kind of pony



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