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Sarah and Pippin - Week 3

The weeks are going so quickly, so much has been achieved and so much is still to be achieved. This week in the Pip diaries we started off with a great brush, starting with a body brush, progressing to a dandy brush and then finally a curry comb. I got rid of the dreadlocks in her mane and my god she has a lot of it. She must be like an overgrown Shetland or something.

Mid-way through the week thought it was about time we started tying up… well that did not go to plan. No matter what I tried, I couldn’t get her to give to pressure. She would literally at any sign of pressure try to turn and throw herself on the ground… after a few different attempts with thicker collars, lead ropes and clips nothing could stop her. So I decided to handle it with an anti-pull back collar and the inner of a tyre and pray to god this worked… it’s not the usual way I would handle things but she was getting worse and worse and for her own safety and mine I decided this was the best option.. I waited until Saturday so we had lots of daylight hours to do it and in the meantime did lots of nose kisses, throwing the rug on, doing it up on the front and even up her neck.

Saturday or The Big Tie Up Day: Pip did put in a bit of a fight and ended up a tad wet from throwing herself around but after about 10-15 minutes she gave up and stood happily. Eventually even having a little nap. Once she settled I left her tied up for about an hour while I pottered around (within eyesight) and then went in and brushed her a little. She was okay with this so I was happy. I did try to get her to give a little bit to pressure while she was tied up but she still refused so I decided to leave that for today and went back to brushing

Sunday: I had planned to just leave her tied up for a few hours and if she settled give her some hay but when I tied her up she didn't protest at all.. So I changed my plan and I spent a while trying to get the mud off her but it's really caked on where she lay down Saturday so it's going to take me a few days, I then started to touch her back legs with the whip, her belly, her flank, putting the pressure on her a bit. She moved a little bit side to side but that was just as a little 'what are you doing there'. When that all went well I started to gently pull her side to side (still tied up) to see if today she would give as Saturday she wouldn't and she did it perfectly! Gentle as ever. Then I decided to try putting the roller on and she didn't move at all, not a single bit.. (Where has my protesting brumby gone and who replaced her with a gentle little gem) I didn't do it up tight at first, I braced myself for what I thought was going to be her crack it for having something around her belly.. Like every other mares reaction... Still nothing so I did it up a little bit more on each side until it was firm but still not super tight. With this all going well I decided to brave it and lead her a little. I was worried that when I took her off the tyre she would figure it out and do the usual turn and run/lie down but she didn't, we did step by step releasing each step and giving her a break and a little chaff treat and slowly built up to about 5 steps.. I was super happy with this and after a little lead around I took the gear off and left her.

I can't wait to take her for a walk this week and give her some grass and finally wash and rug her.. I will then start to stable her so I have more light. Now to decide what rugs to buy her!! I think she will be 5'6 rugs. I'm looking forward going into week 4, I think we are progressing well.. Little bit by little bit, like all weeks we progressed a little, had a few struggles but got there eventually.

Week 4 goals:

Minor: Wash and Rug (I know washing has been in there every week)

Major: Lunge with saddle and bridle on

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Love Sarah and Pip xx

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