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Sarah and Pippin - Week 4

I was really happy with how Pip was going at the end of last week but boy did she blow herself out of the water this week.

On Monday I took her for a walk into the backyard and she had a lovely pick of grass, she started off a bit apprehensive as expected leaving the paddocks she had known but she settled quickly. This is one of my favourite qualities about Pip. Even when she isn’t sure of something she settles very quickly.

On Tuesday I decided to it was time to pop a rug on little Pip and I measured her with my home made measure stick. I believe she is around 13.1-2!! Tiny little thing… I hope my feet don’t drag on the ground when I ride her!! She takes a 5’3 cotton and I put a 5’6 rug on her so I can put things under it if it gets super cold.

On Wednesday I finally washed her feet to get her used to having them touched and then I did some ground work and dried her feet with a towel. I worked on teaching her to pick up her feet so I can get the farrier out soon for her feet as they are quite long.

Thursday is the big day!! I hadn’t planned it but Pip was taking everything I threw at her in her stride. I started using a step to get her used to having me step up in and lean over her. I repeated this a few times and then because she was taking it all so well I just popped my leg over and slowly worked on putting more and more weight on her until I acting sat on her!! Yay!! And then I popped a neck rug on her to keep her warm.

After a big few days in the start of the week, I gave her a few relaxing days and just reinforced what I had been working on. Taking her rug on and off while she eats, brushing her while she eats, picking up feet for extended periods of time.

On Sunday, I took her for another walk and put her in a paddock with some more grass for a few hours and then quickly went over what we had been working on and then lunged her and popped her over a few jumps to stretch her legs. Again she clicked onto this quickly and was a lovely careful little jumper!

So this week I can walk up to Pip to catch her straight away, I can lead her, tie her up in different spots, pick up her feet, rug her, pull a neck rug over her head, wash her feet, move her forequarters, move her back quarters, confidently walk into the shed, be rugged while eating, lunged and jumped.

Very successful week I believe! Now I have to buy her a saddle as all of mine are too big and then this week I will start to mouth her.

Minor Goal: Mouth Pip

Major Goal: Walk/Trot under saddle

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