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Sarah and Pippin - Week 5

After a very busy week 4 I decided to slow things down a bit this week. After all Pip doesn’t need 24/7 work to achieve what we need to. I did hunt around for a saddle and found a little one for her which was great. This week’s task is to find a bridle!

She had a few days off at the start of the week and then I just repeated getting on and off her, moving my weight around, making sure she didn’t move away, walking her up the driveway to see cars and trucks and desensitise her to that. I also got her used to bins and other objects I found around the place.
I tried the saddle on Thursday night, made sure it was a nice fit and took her for a walk in hand which all went well – not marey at all with the girth which was great.

On Saturday we had a little photoshoot and I got on her for the first time with the saddle and went for a walk (even a few steps of trot). She was very well behaved! I did it in the halter as I still have to mouth her and do her teeth so I don’t want to use the bit too much at the moment… so hard with work but I am hoping next week I can find time! I just used the halter and kept the lead rope on the normal clip hole so when I pulled my arm around and asked her to give to the contact it was pulling her where she was used to pressure – keeping as many things the same as possible so it’s not too much change for her. Obviously this just gets her feet moving and you don’t get much steering happening but for the first time I just wanted her to be okay with giving to pressure with me on her back.

This week I am going to crank it up a bit! I feel like we still have a lot of things to cover so I do want to do a bit more mouthing and then continue riding her in the halter and get her more desensitised.

Time is going quickly! What am I going to do for my freestyle?! So much to organise still!! <3


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