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Sarah and Pippin - Week 6

Well this week, like all weeks we had some ups and we had some challenges.

Monday Pip had a rest day, I just checked her and fed her.

Tuesday I started mouthing Pip, I just popped the bridle on over her halter and left her tied up and just watched her while she figured it out. I put it in so the bit was a low in her mouth, I believe this teaches them to pick the bit up and hold it and this hopefully will prevent them learning to put their tongue over the bit in later riding life (you can see a video of this on our facebook page). She played around for 10 minutes or so and then settled in. I then did it up a bit once she stopped fiddling and allowed her to get used to it in the correct position.

Wednesday another day off

Thursday, this is when Pip decided she didn’t want to be caught anymore. I think with being backed/mouthed and having a few days off she figured out that the food will keep coming either way. On Thursday I just used a bit of food to easily catch her. This isn’t bothering me at the moment, they are always going to test you and I am sure that it will improve over time once she gets into the swing of being ridden and not just tied up/fed/brushed like she was a few weeks ago. I had my first ride in the ménage on Pip, we didn’t have much steering… or many anything really but I wanted to get her out there ASAP so it wasn’t a big deal. We followed my mum around a bit to get her used to walking around. I like this following idea. I think it is good for new breakers to trust people enough to follow them around… we went over a few poles and then did some walking on our own.

Friday we had our first proper ride, all I cared about was forward. Pip learning to move off the leg. We did some trotting and trotted over a pole. I don’t ride for long, maybe 10-15 minutes, I like to just have a little win and then leave them alone. At this stage with no balance and muscle its hard on them (see the video of this ride on our facebook page)

Saturday we had a great ride, we had more steering and a bit of Pip learning to take the rein down. This is hard for her so baby steps. I am happy with the fact she is trying at this stage AND we had our first canter!!! Only a few steps each side but that’s good enough for me. I then washed her and put a hood on, she looked so cute! Boy is she moulting though..

Sunday, little Pip decided she really didn’t want to be caught today even with food. So we did a bit of joining up in the paddock which wasn’t ideal and then I just had a quick ride to end the week right. More steering and more stretching down (See video on facebook page) And I changed the paddock she was in while we deal with her little catching problem. This still isn’t bothering me... she is a typical pony and will test you so I will just work through it.

So that’s a busy week completed. I am excited to keep the riding going.

This week: Hopefully we can get the farrier out.

Minor: teach Pip to lunge

Major: Leading legs on each canter rein


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