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Sarah and Pippin - Week 7

We had a good week this week, Pip is progressing well. I am starting to think about the type of home I want her to be in. I hope I can find the perfect person to love her.

Monday: Again Pip had Monday off, the weekends are always so busy and full on she deserves a rest.

Tuesday: I rode Pip and we got our canter leads on BOTH sides and cantered a lap of the arena. So that was great, she has a great canter, very comfortable, uphill and forward but she also tried to stop at the gate Every. Single. Circle. I laugh at her, looking for the easy way out.

Wednesday: I long reined Pip, this went pretty good. She doesn’t really understand to going forward part of lunging so that’s a challenge but she did pretty well this day with the rope behind her bum.

Thursday I had to pick up some hay so I thought while the float was on I would pop Pip on and have a little practise. It didn’t exactly go to plan, it was getting dark, she kept backing into the tree next to the driveway and the breaching door kept falling in but after about 15 minutes I got her on, on my own so I was happy with that. Some things are always going to take longer and I didn’t really set myself up for a win with it getting dark.

Friday: I got Pip used to the clippers, I am going to have to clip her. It’s too hard to dry her when I ride her so I just worked my way up to her face with the clippers, she was a bit hesitant at the start but aren’t all horses. She settled quickly so that’s great. It will make it heaps easier to clip a calm pony.

Saturday: I was lucky enough to have Michelle Knoll Photography come out again and take some photos and videos. I think its about Pip’s 6-7th ride with the bit and saddle. We are now cantering over jumps and getting more forward. We still need more work on steering but that will come. I was so happy with the photos taken and the video!

On Sunday I clicked it up a notch. She didn’t want to be lunged and just wouldn’t move so this wasn’t ideal. I ended up just giving up and riding her. She falls in on the left rein so I worked on getting more bend and picking her shoulder up. She got the hang of this. It wasn’t perfect but improvement so that’s all I can ask for. We did have a few cheeky pigroots. This is purely me asking for her to go forward and her finding it a bit hard. This doesn’t bother me at this time. It’s definitely not nasty and just a small protest asking if she has to.

Seeing as 2 weeks ago I was just getting on with the saddle and halter I am happy with how we are progressing, what a good little pony. We got our minor and major goals yay!

Week 8:
Minor Goal: Work on steering

Major Goal: Get more long and low work happening

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