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Sarah and Pippin - Week 8

This week we started off very slow and then had a massive weekend.

Monday: Pip got her little feet done finally! She moved around a bit but was pretty good with the farrier pulling her legs in all kind of directions she wasn’t used it. My farrier was great and calm and persistent which really helped.

Tuesday: Pip had a day off

Wednesday: I dragged myself outside after work. I had, had a shocking day and wasn’t in the mood to ride but I am glad I did because Pip was super and really starting to get stretching down a bit more.

Thursday: I started to clip Pip. I did her body and down to her knees. She was very good and settled quickly while I did it which was great.

Friday: I finished clipping Pip.. it took a while to do her legs as she wasn’t sure but we got there eventually and had a good experience.

Saturday: We went to the beach!! I met up with 2 of the other brumbies (VBA Bright and Amy & VBA Solo and Tani) It was a lovely day. Pip got on the float well and travelled like a pro, she got off nice and quietly and then was happy to nibble on grass while she waited for the other horses. We had a few nice rolls and trotted up and down the beach as well as in the water. She was the least reluctant to go in the water but compared to other horses I have seen she was really good and trusting.

Sunday: I took Pip to pony club. For a loner horse who is happy to be alone she coped so well with all the other horses, trotting around and jumping next to her. I only did 1 flat lesson and I actually fell off!! It was totally my fault but I am glad it happened so I could see her reaction. I asked for canter and was leaning too far forward and she popped in a pigroot which I rode but then she popped in another one and over the head I went. I did a lovely clean flip and landed on my bum with reins in hand and Pip standing behind me… I jumped back on to remind her that was a fluke and now I know not to slack off!

It was a good week and I am pretty tired was would little Pip be so I think I will give her a few days off and then keep working on balance.


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