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Join Shaniah and VBA Ariat on their journey !

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To begin our tenth week together, Ariat and I were finally ready to attempt our first go at the canter together. I didn’t rush this aspect of his training as I wanted for him to be in the right frame of mind and for him to have the transition from walk to trot and transition from relaxed trot to extended trot down smoothly. When I asked Ariat up into a canter he did respond with a little pigroot on both sides but I simply brought him back to an extended trot and asked for a canter again and did so until he smoothly transitioned from trot to canter. I’ve continued to work on his canter throughout the week and have noticed a considerable improvement.

Like usual I try to introduce Ariat to a new obstacle and this time the obstacle was what I call the streamers, which is a frame with rope or any other object desired for your training needs, in my case streamers, hung from the frame which is used to desensitise the horse from flapping objects which they can walk through. To no surprise of mine Ariat walked straight through the streamers without even the slightest fault in his pace, he was so intrigued with the streamers that he even thought eating them would be a good idea, which I didn’t agree with.

A major achievement that Ariat and I made this week was our first ever trot with me in the saddle. It took a bit of time for him to understand what was being asked of him but once I made the signal as clear as I possibly could he went up into a trot quite smoothly. I only asked for a few strides at the trot on each side as I didn’t want to overdo it for his first ever attempt.

To change things up coming into the middle of the week I took Ariat for a walk along one of our trail riding tracks. I was really pleased with how well he handled the new experience, he went over all the log jumps and even went in through the lignin to the side of the creek where he encountered his first ever pelican. Even though he was distracted by the pelican and the new environment when I asked him to back or disengage his hind quarters he responded straight away and did so without being pushy.

To finish our week off I trimmed and cut all of Ariat’s hooves. This was a major thing for me as we’d really struggled with picking up his hind feet, but after weeks of practicing I felt confident enough that with some patience he would trust me enough to let me trim and rasp his hind hooves which he did. I was so proud of him and thought it was an amazing way to finish our week off.