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Some people believe that the number 13 is unlucky and I have to admit I am a bit superstitious about it, so this week being week 13 I was worried I’d have lot of challenges which was definitely appearing to be true at the beginning of the week. Ariat was being very challenging, over reactive and inattentive to my training signals and ques. These issues arose during our free lunging where he’d launch into the canter, buck all over the place and even ran into the fence at one point. I did end up getting a relaxed transition into the canter and canter itself but it definitely put me in a mind frame that this week was definitely going to be trouble.

Even though we’d began this week off on a bad note I went out with a positive mind frame as I’ve been told “expect good things and good things will happen”, so this is exactly what I did and I’m more than happy to say we had an amazing week full of new achievements.

Ariat and I went on our first trail ride and to make it even better we rode through flooded water ways, through ditches where the water went above his knees and shallower areas. He responded amazingly, listened to all my leg aids, we did have to stand at the edge of the deeper parts of the water as he was nervous but with patience and encouragement he walked in. I was very impressed with his attitude towards this new experience and the way he handled everything.

Later in the week I bought my Blue Poppy Equines training bag down, where I twirled a ribbon around him, bounced, passed and rolled a ball near and at him and placed a hoola hoop all over him. Like usual Ariat wasn’t fazed by these and took it in his stride.

Due to Ariat’s attitude towards the ribbon and hoola hoop, I decided that I would see how he’d react if I were to use them while riding him. To begin this session off I started with our basics of lateral flexion, front and back leg cross overs and changing direction to ensure that he was listening. Once I was satisfied he was listening I introduced the ribbon to him, Ariat was amazing, he stood still while I twirled it around his head, near his rump and even while he walked around the yard. I then swapped the ribbon for the hoola hoop which I swung around my wrist until it flung off, but I’m happy to say Ariat didn’t show any signs of stress while I swung it around and even when it flung off. The best part we left for last, I wanted to try standing up on Ariat’s back and to no surprise of mine he stood like an angel and within minutes there I was standing up on the back of a brumby, it was the best experience I’ve had with him so far.