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Join Shaniah and VBA Ariat on their journey !

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At the end of week 13 I had the chiropractor out to Ariat as he was beginning to show signs of stiffness in his hind quarters. Like I suspected the chiropractor confirmed this and I’m happy to say Ariat is moving much freer now, but due to this visit I always like to give my horses a bit of a break so they have time to relax the muscles. So to begin this week off I worked on some less intensive training sessions such as bringing him up to the house yards to be groomed while other horses were being ridden, he handled this really well and stood perfectly. I also introduced him to the new float we have, this was very confronting for him and did make him very nervous but with some time just walking around and approaching it he adjusted really well. I also started work on teaching him to walk and trot next to me by driving him forward off a circle while I walked next to him. I continued to work on this throughout the week and have seen some major improvements from Ariat.

To change our training up moving into the middle of the week I decided to take Ariat for a walk along one of our longer trail riding tracks, I knew this would bring some new challenges as we’d come across cattle and at times wallaby’s. We did encounter a small heard of young beef cattle, at first I believe Ariat thought they were a heard of horses as he became really excited, neighing out but he quickly came to realise they weren’t horses but was intrigued to find out what they were. One thing Ariat wasn’t impressed about was when the cattle ran up behind him, he did freak out and move around me so he could see what they were doing but with some guidance he understood they weren’t able to touch him. After this he quickly lost curiosity towards them and continued on with our walk without any issues.  

Due to finally having completed my arena early this week I was able to start riding Ariat out in a bigger area, pushing his boundaries and improving immensely on our riding.

Coming into the end of our week I took Ariat to ground work under the saddle, teaching him to keep his trot going until I asked for a walk. At first he was extremely confused but very quickly caught on to what was being asked of him, by the end of our 15minute ground work I had Ariat trotting big and tight circles around me and keeping it going with limited contact from the stirrups. I was so impressed with how well he caught onto the new lesson that I then implemented it with me in the saddle. It took a bit for him to get his rhythm and balance but once this was achieved we were happily trotting full circles of different sizes without losing our pace.