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Ariat started this week off by having his first official wash. He wasn’t the happiest brumby about the water touching his hind legs and back but quickly adjusted to the spray of the hose and relaxed. At times Ariat did move away from the water but I just kept the water in the same position and once he stood still I released all pressure that the hose made. I do have to say that Ariat loved the wild berry smell of the shampoo and conditioner, so much in fact that when I was rubbing it over him he licked himself, which he quickly learnt didn’t taste as good as it smelt.

I’m glad to say that Ariat has learnt what an electric fence is but unfortunately had to learn the hard way. I let him out in a big grass paddock for the first time this week and had mum turn the fence on while I kept him off it for the time being. Immediately once I left the paddock he went straight up to the fence and leant on it as there was long grass on the other side, the crack of the electric fence was so loud and I can say Ariat from then on hasn’t even contemplated leaning on a fence again.

Our float loading has come along really well, I’m now able to shut Ariat in after he self-loads. He does begin to worry once he realises that he can’t escape but doesn’t over react which is good. Though he doesn’t like when the tail gate is being lifted so this is the next thing I will continue to work on in regards to our float loading.

As I spoke of last week I’ve continued working on Ariat’s transition into the canter when lunging him and I was very proud of him this week as he transitioned into the canter both ways perfectly and kept the canter going for an entire circle. We also have been working on getting him to trot next to me while I’m running beside him which he is improving on.

To finish this week off I rode Ariat bareback in his yard where we did just his basic work of lateral flexion, disengaged hind quarters, front leg cross overs, back up and change of direction.

I also rode him in the arena where I was able to continue working on our trot this time using the diagonals of the arena getting him to extend his trot which he did a good job of. 

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