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Unfortunately due to some illness that hit me late last week which I’ve continued to have, I’ve been unable to work Ariat to the extent that I originally intended coming into the closing weeks until EQUITANA. 

I was able to do a large amount of ground work with Ariat throughout the week which I believe has been quite beneficial for him, giving him the chance to really gather all his thoughts from the last 119 days of the challenge.

We focused on our transition into the canter which has improved immensely, worked on side passing more fluently, completed a lot of lunging at a working trot teaching Ariat to keep his circle instead of drifting into it and building up his confidence into trotting next to someone while they are running in preparation for if he were to be shown in lead classes.

A major lesson we have been able to learn this week was ground tying. I was quite surprised how quickly he was able to learn this and the signals I’ve taught him and what they mean. I’m even able to ground tie him back from his food and have him stand there while I fiddle with his hay which is a major achievement. 

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