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Join Shaniah and VBA Ariat on their journey !

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Continuing on from last week, Ariat and I have kept working on what we were taught from our session with Wade. Picking up energy levels, getting him more responsive and expanding his comfort zone so that he is able to handle situations better. The change in Ariat’s attitude when handling new and what he may categorise as scary situations is incredible.

I’ve really been pushing Ariat over the past week to challenge me, the reason behind this method is the more he challenges me the more I get to expand his comfort zone which in the long run will teach him to control his emotions as at the moment he bottles things up until he “explodes”. This method so far has been really successful for me in regards to our ground manners, riding and especially our float work.

Our ground manners since I have put this method into use has built up immensely, the respect and responsiveness I now have with Ariat is amazing, he transitions into the canter smoothly, holds the canter well and comes back into the trot and walk nicely. We’re even at the point where just with the slightest wiggle of my finger he’ll back out of my space.

In regards to our riding, this has become so much easier for us both, he’s now gathering an understanding of flexing into a circle just by the use of my legs and the tinniest rein guidance, this is able to be achieved at the walk and trot and is helping build up to the canter as when in a bigger space Ariat does find it difficult to canter up into a circle, so this flexing of his body is really helping build up his confidence.

A massive step in our float loading was achieved due to me using this method and that was that Ariat went on his first drive in the float. I will admit he did create a sweat due to over stressing himself but did quickly settle after a bit of pawing and pulling back on his rope. It has taken quite some time to get Ariat to this stage of being able to take him places in a float but I wouldn’t have changed this in any way, it simply came down to the fact that Ariat needed more time and I wasn’t going to rush him and create an unnecessary issue. My main goal now is to try and expose Ariat to as much travelling as possible before we go to Equitana.

Ariat and I also started work with a tyre drag, getting him use to something being pulled beside and behind him. At first he wasn’t impressed with this but over time is gradually adjusting and recognising that no harm is coming from the tyre drag.

We have also started work on our freestyle routine for Equitana, which we can’t wait to show you.