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Weekly Training Updates

Join Shaniah and VBA Ariat on their journey !

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There’s nothing better than beginning your week with a bang and that’s exactly what Ariat and I did. At the start of this week I was able to get the halter on Ariat, what made it even better was that he responded calmly, he didn’t flinch just took it in his stride. He’s been responsive and hasn’t showed much stress towards the new equipment and training tools I’ve introduced to him.

Similar to last week I’ve continued working Ariat in intervals but because the length of this week’s sessions have been 30minutes in length sometimes longer I have cut it back to 2 sessions per day.

I started using the lead rope holding it around his nose and behind his ears teaching him to move his head when pressure is applied and when he complies even the tiniest bit all pressure is released. This is what I call the pressure and release technique, I use this on all my horses as it teaches them to respond to the smallest amounts of pressure and makes them more responsive from the ground and can help when work under the saddle begins.

I brought in a new extension this week which is a training whip with a plastic bag on the end, I’ve used this to get him used to the flapping noise that the bag makes when being waved around. He responded much better to this than I anticipated, he came towards the noise rather than away, his head was relaxed and he didn’t flinch while I was waving it above his head, at his flank and feet. I got to the point where I was rubbing the flag over his body, between him legs, over his face and he wasn’t fazed.

Continuing work with the new extension I began teaching Ariat to disengage his hind quarters, this was achieved by me starting at his head, walking out with the extension held out in front of me and turning in towards his hind quarters and waving the bag slightly to encourage his hind to move away from me. At first he responded negatively to this, kicking out at the bag but once he understood what was being asked of him he wasn’t worried at all and now automatically disengages his hind quarters when asked.

I also began teaching Ariat lateral flexion, this is another thing I teach all my horses as it’s a great way to see whether your horse is listening and responding to you, it also becomes a major aspect when riding your horse as it’s a great way to stop any horse in an emergency as when their head is turned in towards their body they can’t run forward all they can do is turn in a circle which can prevent accidents from occurring.

Lastly I finished this week off by beginning lead training, teaching Ariat to move forward when pressure is applied, he showed confusion at first but is starting to understand what is being asked of him.