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Week 3 for Ariat and I has been full of leaps and bounds, I’ve been really happy with the progress we’ve been making. An aspect of his training which I can happily say he has successfully learnt is his lateral flexion, head drop, lounging and disengaging of his hind quarters which I will continue to use throughout his training.

This week I kept up the work on Ariat’s leading, he’s showed great improvement, even to the point where we are now going outside his yard on small walks so he can spend some time grazing. We’ve had some issues with being lead back into his yard but have overcome them each time.

Furthering his training I began working on his backing up and picking up his feet. His backing up started off slowly but is now going much smoother as he now backs when pressure is applied to the halter. As for his picking up of his feet I’m extremely happy with how this has progressed. I firstly started off by rubbing a rope around his legs and when pressure was applied he’d lift the leg and I’d pull it forward with the rope, I then started asking with my hand for him to lift his leg up when a pressure was applied. I’m now able to lift up and clean out both his front feet.

A major step in our training which we did this week was introducing the saddle and saddle cloth. At first Ariat displayed an immediate dislike to them but once I started working him with them he began to relax. I firstly began getting Ariat relaxed around the saddle cloth by rubbing it along his body and throwing it over him, by doing this it teaches him that it’s okay when something is thrown onto his back. Once I was happy that he wasn’t stressed over the saddle cloth I brought the saddle into play, I let Ariat smell the saddle first and then began flapping the flap of the saddle along with the stirrups and girth to get him use to the noise it makes. After working with the saddle Ariat showed no stress at all so I decided to put it on, he lifted his head slightly at the sudden weight but otherwise wasn’t worried.

The first time I had the saddle on I didn’t do the girth up as I hadn’t worked on anything in regards to having something wrapped around his girth line. But after rubbing a rope around his stomach I was happy and confident enough that the next time I put the saddle on I also did the girth up.

Lastly I began introducing obstacles such as the barrels and poles to get him use to different sounds that they make when hit by his hoof. I was very impressed with him in regards to the obstacles as he didn’t care for them in the smallest matter even when he knocked them with his hoof.

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