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Week 6 done and dusted, I can’t believe how fast our time is going by. Ariat and I have made achievement after achievement this week and I couldn’t be happier with our progress.

To begin the week off, Ariat and I continued working on leg aids which he came to understand quite quickly, he now walks forward when the tiniest amount of pressure is applied just behind the girth, he has also learnt to do a two rein stop and a one rein stop in preparation for when we begin riding.

Over the previous week I’d been meaning to introduce to Ariat the feeling of weight that comes with someone leaning over his back, but I was unable to do so as I was in the progress of creating a standing block for me to use. Luckily early this week it was finished so I began introducing the feeling of weight on Ariat’s back. I firstly started off by placing one hand on his wither and the other a little way down his back, creating a bouncing rhythm. I then added my leg by lifting it over his back, swinging my leg from side to side, along with lifting it up beside his stomach as if I was putting it in the stirrup. He responded well to this on both his near and off side. Since he adjusted so well to these I added another factor to his training, that when I was leaning over his back to dismount I began sliding down his side, I was surprised at how well he took it in his stride.   

Closing into the end of this week I continued working on leaning over his back, lifting my leg over and off his back and sliding down his side in preparation for dismounting. Due to him learning these so fast without showing a dislike to the feeling of me leaning over his back I took the big step and got on him bareback for our first ride ever. I couldn’t have asked for a better first ride, Ariat was amazing, he stood still while I got myself on him, he then did lateral flexion perfectly on both sides, two rein stop, walked on nicely and responded calmly to me dismounting from him. The experience was so amazing it almost brought me to tears of joy.

Over the week I rode Ariat twice keeping them short and sweet which he has responded amazingly to. Though I had a few more days of the week left but didn’t want to over work him in regards to being ridden so to finish the week off I re-introduced the float. He was incredible. Ariat walked straight onto the ramp and then with a bit of encouragement walked into the float completely where he stood relaxed until I asked him to back off which he did slowly and calmly. Overall I can say that Ariat and I had an amazingly successful week.

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