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Shaniah Dye

From Leitchville, Victoria: Non-Professional Trainer

My experience within the Equine Industry consists of having completed to level 10 in Natural Horsemanship, which I continue to utilise through every opportunity to educate myself and my horses.

I have been training in this discipline for six years now and would like to further my knowledge in this area and more.

I have begun to push my capabilities by breaking in our miniature pony to sulky, along with breaking in my rescue mare.

Weekly Training Updates

Join Shaniah and VBA Ariat on their journey !

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VBA ariat

VBA Ariat is an approximately 13.3hh, dark brown gelding with a star. He was caught as a four year old in 2017 from the Kosciuszko National Park in New South Wales. Ariat was running with a large group of bachelor Stallions. All of this group came to our sanctuary, including several you will see in the Australian Brumby Challenge: VBA Coolabah, VBA Nugget, VBA Levi, VBA Brolga, VBA Wrangler and VBA Aussie!

VBA Ariat's trainer in the McDowells Australian Brumby Challenge is Shaniah Dye.