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Stephanie and Ember - Week 14

We started this week off with a fun two days at Kangaroo Ground Pony Club camp where I was coaching. As usual she floated down great and settled into her yard and made a new friend with a big chestnut gelding who was staying next to her. During the day someone or another was leading her around, taking her here there and everywhere. She was cool as a cucumber. At one point we left her in the yard whilst everyone was out having a lesson. She promptly decided she did not want to miss out on the action and jumped out and trotted over to the arenas. 

In the afternoon on Monday I worked Ember through the handy mount course & did a demo and chatted about the competition and my training with Ember. She walk, trotted & cantered in front of the group, was super relaxed with the crowds applause and handled the obstacles like a champ (not totally sure about the picture frame with plastic strips you walk through but we got there in the end!). The second day we worked on some of the cross country obstacles from the ground. Ditches, logs, steps, water. She handled it all great. 

The rest of the week we continued working on gaining more shoulder control and softness, moving her hip & me being more consistent with my hands and not holding her. Her neckline completely changed and she has really started to lengthen out in the trot and roll through the shoulders, all on a loose rein. 


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