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Stephanie and Ember - Week 19

A really rewarding week with lots of improvement and a real feeling of trust developing between me and Ember. She has really let her guard down with me and looks for a pat and a rub when I walk Into her stable. Something she has really tried to avoid up until now! Her ridden work has been far more relaxed, no tension when being mounted and just feeling a lot more relaxed and soft in everything we have been doing.

The highlight of the week was attending a two day Horsemanship & cattle clinic with Mitch Gollan. We spent the first day ensuring our ground work was solid, then transferring it to ridden work and then working the mechanical cow. She was a little hesitant at first with the mechanical cow but quickly picked up what she was supposed to do and got into it. The second day we again ensured our basics where solid before having another go at the mechanical cow. She was much more confident this time round, rolling back to the right pretty much text book perfect, still getting a little sticky to the left but that's always our less good side. Then we tracked cattle in the big arena. I couldn't have asked for her to do any better! Getting up on the cow and pushing it round, lead changing each time we changed direction and just travelling out really well.

I received some lovely comments for the other participants (many who thought she was a quarter horse!). She impressed me so much and I really felt very proud of how far we have come! 


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