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Stephanie and Ember - Week 2

I felt that due to how much Ember had been exposed to in week one she deserved a couple of quiet days. So after an easy weekend Monday we where back into it with an open training session. We had about 25 people come and watch what I have been doing with her and ask questions about the challenge and the Brumbies we get to work with. It was a great night as I think it has sparked the interest in a few more riders that Brumbies are very useful and versatile horses. We even did more crowd training and had the group clap which she was much more comfortable with.

On Tuesday I thought she had been so willing with everything else I decided to saddle her up. Not even a suck back or hesitation. I have tried my best to prepare her for each step to the best of my knowledge and abilities. I'm not a full time horse trainer and definitely would not classify myself a breaker by trade but I felt that all the little steps we'd taken and the trust we had in one another made the saddling process far easier. I let her come with me in a few lessons and then backed her in the afternoon . She was great. Took it all in her stride. I again rode her Wednesday and was so pleased with her. Still working on forward but stop & turn are nice and soft.

Thursday I again rode her in the morning out into the big arena and she was not phased at all with other horses riding around her. We then had to make the trip to our new property. She loaded onto the float better than a lot of other horses I know! As I was confident in her ability to tie up I was happy to travel her like I would any other horse. I made sure I had one of my staff in a vehicle behind the float incase we had any issues but she travelled fantastic and has settled into her new home. I have let her out into a bigger field with some of my horses and she seems very settled.

I'm really looking forward to starting more with Ember under saddle and watching her develop more physically and mentally. She now wears a cotton rug and heavy rug of a night and the difference in the coat is fantastic. She still isn't sold on my hard feed but we will get there!

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