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Stephanie and Ember - Week 3

Ember has finally become comfortable enough to show her inner self I think. She's one of 'those' mares. You know the kind that give you 150% on the days they are feeling it and give you a look so cold it cuts deep into your soul when she isn't...well that's her. I thought I had her picked for nice, little, innocent pony, no world beater but will do the job. Wrong. This horse has got a special something going on. She is agile and smart, and has more sass than any teenage girl I've ever met.

Ember has really changed shape in the last two weeks. She has built up muscle through her hind end and across her back and is putting on more and more condition each day. The difference in her coat & mane & tail is very noticeable as well. I really like that she is very well balanced and has nice self carriage in all three paces.

We have had a few ups and downs this week but she has taught me that if I'm getting too ahead of myself she will very promptly pull me back into line. I feel I learnt more this week than she did! 


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