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Stephanie and Ember - Week 4

This week was really spent fine tuning a lot of our ground work and incorporating a few more challenging (well they were supposed to be but someone is just really good at stuff!) activities into her training. It was pretty horrible weather again so we took to the refuge of a hay shed to do some work. Here we mucked around with a big blue tarp- not even an eye lid batter. We introduced the stock whip- she may have slightly raised her head. And I asked her to move her feet where I wanted them- this just so happened to mean putting her front feet up on a hay bale. It's funny the things that happen when you have no idea what your plan for the day is.

We spent a lot of time just hanging out as she still adjusting to her new life and I can see at times she doesn't need a training session, but just time to be calm and relax in my company. We also took a trip in the float to a local indoor where I was taking my other horse for a lesson. I may have been a bit presumptuous thinking I'd just load them both up and away we'd go, but yet again she was great. She wasn't sold on going on the float second but was happy to load up and stand quietly while I loaded the second horse. Stood tied while I had my lesson and then had a good short ride at the venue then her first hot wash! 

She had a massive day Sunday at Lilydale Pony Club as well. She spent the whole day being handed around to different parents as we went to the different lessons and also headed out for a play around on the cross country course. 


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