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Stephanie and Ember - Week 6

This week I booked in a few standard appointments for Ember that any horse I own will always receive. I had wanted to wait until I knew she was comfortable enough with people working around her on the ground before making these appointments. So Thursday we had James Harvey my equine dentist give her a full treatment. James had looked in her mouth a week or so before when I'd seen him at Pony Club and aged Ember at 11 years old. Luckily there was nothing too sinister going on in her mouth, couple of sharp edges but all in all pretty good. We did not need to sedate her and she was very well behaved consider the nature of that was going on inside her mouth! It helps also that James is a very kind and compassionate horsemen who always takes his time and is very patient. 

On Saturday I had my equine Physio Fiona Winchester from All Creatures Physio give Ember a treatment. She had not been showing any signs of soreness in her work but having a professional look over my horses gives me peace of mind that they are sound for work and not hiding an discomforts I can't see. Fiona was impressed with how sensible she was (after the first initial 'who are you and what are you doing to me!') and Ember really relaxed and enjoyed the treatment with a few really big yawns! Fiona found a little tension on her right side in her ribs and her wither mainly, and also through her poll. She loosened up by the end of the session and Fiona has given me some exercises that will help improve those problem areas and keep Ember in tip top condition. 

We also made some really good profession under saddle as we had been having a bit of trouble getting our 'go' button to work. By the end of the week she was working a lot better, moving forward off my leg in the round yard and establishing a really neat stop & turn. 


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