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Stephanie and Ember - Week 7

This week her ridden work has just come on in leaps and bounds. I had taken her for her first ride out of the arena/round yard as before now I haven't felt she has been ready. She was a little looky initially but settled in quickly and was quite happy walking out in front of the the other horse I had along to give her a lead. 

In our round yard work we where working hard at moving off the leg softly, stepping the shoulders around and the hind quarters and changing rein in walk and trot whilst staying balanced and not losing rythm. She still hasn't lost that bit of wild about her that every now and then she thinks I'm a twelve headed monster but each day even if she gets 1% better I'm happy. We have had a few more rides out and doing some lovely canter down the road. She will happily canter along with the other horse we ride with, stop when I ask even if the other horse is still going, then pick up a canter again with only a small amount of encouragement. Really happy with how she is coming along! 

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