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Stephanie and Ember - Week 8

This week all of the time spent on the ground and putting in the solid foundations have really begun to pay off. Her ridden work has gone from strength to strength. Last week we had our first canter under saddle. This was out along a quiet road where she could not have to worry about turning and just get comfortable going forward with me on her back.

This week she is able to trot & canter circles in the arena, maintaining a steady frame and striking off on the correct leads 9/10 times. She has developed more top line and is becoming stronger and stronger each ride.

We floated out to an indoor one of the days and she rode great. A little concerned about the mirrors but it didn't take her long to overcome that fear. We also went to a local pony club and introduced her to all the members who thought she was great. I worked her through some do the cross country obstacles while we where there and she was far more bold than the previous I had schooled her over fences & through water on the ground.

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