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Stephanie and Ember - Week 9

This week has been probably the highlight of our time together. After a good week of progressing our work under saddle (working on rythm, balance, softness) I thought that she was ready to step it up a bit. So Friday I loaded her and my other horse Colin up for a two day camp drafting clinic with Way of the Horse winner 2014 Bruce O'Dell at Maldon. I planned to do some of the ground work and maybe a little ridden work with Ember but mainly ride Colin. Well i ended up riding Ember for the entire clinic! She worked lovely and soft for the whole weekend, was responsive to my aids and really started to want to work the cattle. She coped in a big arena with other horses cantering circles around her, tracking a quad bike (not that excited about that) and working cattle in the camp. She is a tough little horse, her biggest fear truely is people. She could have cattle and horses fly past her and not bat an eye lid..but Bruce in his bright red rain coat might as well have been the boogie man as far as she was concerned! We are still developing a bond ourselves, I feel that as she is a bit older I have to work a bit harder to get her to think that I'm ok. But we will get there!

I could not have been prouder of her, everyone commented on how well behaved she was and how much try she had in her. 


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