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VBA Fergus

VBA Fergus is a six year old, bay gelding who was caught with his bachelor mob from the Kosciuszko National Park in NSW in winter, 2015. Fergus was gelded shortly after his arrival at our Brumby Junction sanctuary and turned out while he got used to being a gelding on a farm. Fergus’s trainer in the Australian Brumby Challenge is Steve Brinkworth.

Weekly Training Updates

Follow Steve and Fergus on their journey!

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Steve Brinkworth

Ridden Section: Professional Trainer

Internationally recognised horse behaviour specialist Steve Brinkworth is a gifted horseman and a truly great teacher of people too. Since growing up with his families horse trek business in the Australian Outback, Steve has dedicated his career to horses and helping people solve their horse problems.

Steve’s philosophy is to teach the horse what it needs to know in order to carry the burden of the rider, both mentally and physically, without fear, injury or stress.

Steve has a unique system that he applies to every horse. The horse is incrementally trained to become a calm, responsive ridden horse that has value in society.

You can read more about Steve at www.stevebrinkworth.com  or