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Steve and Fergus - Week 12

This was a short week with family visiting and rain.

Fergus got another led ride on Monday and Tuesday he had his first non-led ride. I was very pleased with how he rode. I was able to keep his hind under him, so he was very mentally balanced. We got stop and go on both reins from his hind feet. At one stage he got a bit on the fore and in the video he can be seen chewing on the bit but as soon as I get his hind under him again, his mouth becomes still and relaxed again. Here is the link to the video:


I had to reinforce my personal space this week as Fergus finally got a bit pushy when being fed. This shows his confidence is increasing. One feed only where I said he wasn’t allowed in until he stopped, focused and waited till I invited him in was all it took for him to be patient and relaxed when being fed. He is relaxed at feeding out of my hand but understands not to be pushy.

Strength and straightness through his walk and trot is what I spent any other timeavailable. Fergus’s gait is getting more even and consistent over longer length’s. Getting his back to lift and hold right up to his wither is my aim before he is ridden much more.

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