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Steve and Fergus - Week 16

Spring is kind of here, finally. As I type there is rain across Victoria but it’s warming up and drying out quicker after each rain. Only four weeks and three days until Equitana.

Fergus had his first arena ride yesterday. For the video use this link:


I am very happy with Fergus’s first real ride. He was able to move off my leg on both reins, with both his shoulder and hind while his head and neck were relatively neutral. He rode quite straight in both walk and trot, did his transitions from his hind with assistance from the bit and had no trouble going with the other horse and away from the other horse as well.

As it was quite windy and the arena is down where the bush starts, horses can be bothered in that area if their posture is not good. Fergus seemed completely relaxed and unfazed by the wind. Posture does dictate a horses mental state. Get the hind under the horse and you have his mind, when the horse loses his hind, he loses his mind!

Fergus has got the idea that the float is the ‘Safe-Spot’ and would rather be in there than outside trotting around. He had his first loading with another horse and is ready to be shut in and actually go somewhere. Yay!


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