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Steve and Fergus - Week 2

This week Fergus and I have continued with the daily exercises to activate his hind feet. Using his hind feet lifts his rib cage and promotes use of his top line muscles. Once these muscles strengthen and can ‘hold’, Fergus will be stronger, more balanced, both mentally and physically in preparation for carrying the burden of a rider. Until his posture has changed and the correct riding muscles have strength, I will not be riding him. I prefer to do more ‘in-hand’ work now as I feel that this will help to maximise his potential and increase his longevity.

Since last week, Fergus has also learnt to come to over to me to be caught, stand still for haltering, to be lead and he now wears a rug too. He’s getting the hang of “Self-Medicate” and his extreme flight response is diminishing, while his confidence increases every day.

On a side note, Fergus is now a pin-up pony! His story made it to the front cover of a magazine “The Local”, helping to create awareness for all Brumbies.

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