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Steve and Fergus - Week 8

The time does fly by. Here we are half way through August.

Fergus can transition from walk to trot without any brace in his neck especially on the right rein. The left rein needs another week to even up. Now is time to maintain gait on straight lines for longer length’s.

I had a friend work with Fergus on Sunday with the mounting block. At first he was not happy with this new human but the learned responses took over and he was soon comfortable with her. The video shows the results. #VBAFergus balance for mounting. He had his first full lie over in preparation for mounting. Fergus did struggle to keep his hind under him for balance but was successful in the end.

This week we will continue with balance and strength building in walk and trot. We will all so focus on his transitions up and down all coming from his hind on both reins.

I feel like I am repeating myself with the hind and balance but I know if I get it right Fergus will be setup for whatever ridden work will be required of him in the future. He will have the knowledge and strength to have good lateral movement off the leg, will be responsive to slowing and halt as well as be able to bend to left for a left lead and bend to the right for a right lead.


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