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Tamara Janus and VBA Nugget: Week Twelve

What an exciting week Mr Nugget has had! Earlier last week we received a phone call inviting us as a guest speaker at the “Baroque & Distinctive Breeds Festival” held at the Caboolture Showgrounds.

On Saturday night we loaded up in the dark & arrived about an hour before we were due to present. After a thorough groom we started meeting people outside the arena. There was music on the PA & people narrating the event which didn’t seem to bother Nugget at all. It was a wonderful event & was amazing to see all the extravagant & detailed costumes in the Andalusian classes as we waited.

We entered the arena & began talking about Nugget, the challenge & the plight of the brumbies in Australia. The audience was great & I think enjoyed seeing a brumby and learning a bit about why this challenge is run. As I wasn’t sure how Nugget would handle this outing I left him unsaddled, but after seeing how he was calm & relaxed, I hopped on for a short bareback demonstration. After we finished we went up to the side of the arena and asked if anyone wanted to have a pat, the children were very keen and asked lots of questions while climbing up the rails and making lots of noise. It was a great experience for Nugget in preparation for Equitana, as he will need to perform in front of large crowds & be okay with lots of noise etc…

The most common comment I had was WOW he is so quiet! Or Why is he only short lol… compared to the leggy Baroque breeds that had been on earlier he definitely looked different! After we finished we re-loaded in the dark again and headed home. Overall I was extremely impressed with this little horse, he is a superstar in the making 😊

The rest of the week Nugget has had only a few rides due to other commitments but we worked in the arena getting softer & more responsive transitions.

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I’d also like to thank my wonderful sponsors during this challenge – Tuffrock Australia, Northside Barefoot Trimming, Triple C Saddlery & Café, Kaz’s Flags & Tailbags