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Tamara Janus and VBA Nugget: Week Nineteen

2 weeks to go! We are really starting to get excited and panicking at the same time! Since we will be travelling for most of the final week we are getting down to our final rides before Equitana.

So this week started off with hosting an obstacle clinic & using Nugget as the demonstration horse. He has developed more confidence especially with jumping this week.

We have been working hard on the basics & just refining everything. Whilst I have always maintained that Nugget would suit a trail/pleasure home he has really shown he has a lot more potential & would look lovely doing maybe western dressage or maybe even some hacking.

We went to QSEC again this Wednesday which turned out to be a Halloween event happening at the historical village next door so lots of strange noises and screaming throughout our session lol

I finally sat down and mapped out a rough workout for our freestyle which we will be developing & working on over the next few weeks.

Don’t forget Nugget is up for Auction at the end of Equitana & the best way to avoid disappointment is to register for your pre-approval today by going to the Auction information page 😊

If you want to see more pictures or videos, check out my page “TJ Equine”

Here I have uploaded regular updates with pictures, videos and more 😊

I’d also like to thank my wonderful sponsors during this challenge – Tuffrock Australia, Northside Barefoot Trimming, The Barefoot Blacksmith, Triple C Saddlery & Café, Kaz’s Flags & Tailbags

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