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Tamara Janus and VBA Nugget: Week Three

Hello Nugget fans! This week Nugget really started to show some of his personality. He is getting along well with the horses paddocked next to him and has even learnt that Copra & Pellets are DELICIOUS!

The start of this week Nugget had a visit from Moreton Bay Equine Vets for a dental which found that he had quite sharp teeth resulting in ulcers towards the back of his mouth. Surprise, Surprise… this was the exact spot the halter was sitting! So after this was resolved Nugget was a lot softer and happier in the halter. We also found out he weighs a whopping 434kg!

Nugget had the weekend off as I was away competing at the local show & so on Monday was our next session. On this day he had the bridle for the first time, just getting used to the feel of it at first & then progressed to some long reining. In the long reins I teach one-rein stop, two-rein stop, turns & backup.

The rest of this week Nugget had 2 more rides & is developing more forward. We even managed a canter! We rode out of the round yard in both the large arena & obstacle paddock. Whilst we are still working on direction, he is much happier outside of the yard where we can direct his energy from point to point.

This week on my facebook page I shared a quote that has really resonated with me especially as a part of this challenge “When you want to build a wall, you don’t start with the wall… you precisely lay each brick by brick until you have a solid structure” What this meant to me is that we often get caught up in the end goal and forget to break it down into more manageable pieces for our horses to understand. By breaking things down it gives them the feeling that they accomplished something (no matter how small) and will build a more confident horse in the long run.

Next week will be developing more responsive forward & direction.

Stay tuned! 😊