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Tamara Janus and VBA Nugget: Week Four

Wow! It is hard to believe 4 weeks have already flown by of this challenge!

This week Nugget started off with a bareback ride around my property even managing a few canters, I think he prefers getting back to basics & riding with no tack. He comes across as a stoic horse who is wild at heart and a little cheeky 😊

Next ride was down the road to visit our neighbour & sponsor Nicky from Tuffrock Australia. He strode out well and was keen to see new surroundings and meet new people.

Then on Tuesday we saddled up for our first official Trail ride around our local forestry “Sheep Station Creek Reserve”. The 7km round trip has obstacles like logs, bridges and concrete causeways. Nugget was very comfortable striding out in front and we even had a few canters. He was a little unsure of people jogging, cycling & dog walking but after a few encounters he was a lot better. He feels very much at home out in the bush and was quite balanced & sure footed. On the way home, I was mucking around showing my friend how quiet he is & even rode him backwards!

On Wednesday I was working with some horses teaching float loading. So, after I finished I thought I would bring Nugget out for his first float experience. Well, what can I say… like an old pro he was loading and unloading calmly in no time. After that I decided it was time for Nugget to have a bath, his coat is still very thick and after yesterdays ride was quite sweaty. After a good scrub he enjoyed a roll in the round yard sand & then back into the paddock.

I am beginning to wonder if there is anything Nugget can’t do? He is so willing and even when he gets confused he still tries his hardest.

Stay tuned for next week 😊

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