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Tamara Janus and VBA Nugget: Week Five

This week started off with a float trip to our local beach – at Beachmere!

Riding bareback & in a halter Nugget strode out like he has lived every day of his life out there. Although he was confident in this new environment he lacked direction, often getting pushy in the halter. So, whilst we were out to have a fun day in the sun, I used this as a training exercise too… working on his softness, bend & direction and by the end of the ride he was much lighter/more responsive.

The next session I had with him was on Tuesday where we just hung out, had a good brush, picked out his hooves & let him just relax.

Wednesday, I wanted to work on direction in the bridle so hopped on bareback & rode around the arena. Just getting turns, bends & softness… each time he yielded to pressure got easier and more responsive. After we finished I wanted to have a muck around with different tricks. Nugget and I can now do round the world, dismounting over his rump & even riding backwards! (Check out the videos on my page TJ Equine  )

Thursday, we had a short ride on dusk in the roundyard. We tacked up with both the bridle & saddle today, (usually it’s just been one or the other) & whilst he was unsure to begin with, we finished on a positive note getting soft turns and working on our trot.

Next week I want to spend a bit more time with Nugget as this past week I have been quite busy.

I am looking forward to working with his strengths and really making him shine as a wonderful example of what Brumbies can do.

Thanks for reading 😊

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