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Tamara Janus and VBA Nugget: Week Six

This week started off with a float trip to Benarkin State Forest which is about 1.5hr drive south-west. This was the first time for Nugget travelling in the angle load float and first time with company as Mum came along with her mare Ginger.

There is something very therapeutic for Nugget riding out in nature. He can sometimes get a bit shut down and not want to work in the arena so having these rides/training sessions in the outdoors gives his mind a break.

Our Trail ride took us along the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail and then off into the forestry, with Mel from Horsetrax OZ as our guide the 10km journey took a few hours with a break in the middle. Nugget showed off how balanced and sure-footed brumbies are – navigating the steeper rocky sections with ease.

On Saturday Nugget had a visit from Guy Packard from Northside Barefoot Trimming for his second hoof trim. This time he was introduced to the hoof stand and he was fantastic!

Our session was on Tuesday where he got a good brush and I am pleased to report he is finally starting to shed that thick woolly coat! Afterwards I decided to try a rug on him which in true Nugget form he sniffed it, looked at it and then kept eating 😊

Then on Wednesday we were back on our local trail at Sheep Station Creek Reserve putting in approx. 7km with walk, trot and even a few canters. Nugget had a go at jumping a few logs, which I am sure he would have much rather just walk around, but he gave it a go anyway 😊

On Thursday after another thorough grooming session I took photos to complete Nugget’s registration with the Victorian Brumby Association. I was going to pop him back in the paddock but decided to have a bareback ride instead working on our canter transition in the round yard. After this I saddled him up and went out exploring the obstacles in one of our paddocks. Nugget was a little unsure but after conquering the first one he went on to do bridges, tyre pedestal, ringing the bell, garrocha poles and more….

It was hard this week choosing my favourite photo to share with you so if you love Nugget be sure to check out my page “TJ Equine”

Here I have uploaded regular updates with pictures, videos and more 😊

I’d also like to thank my wonderful sponsors during this challenge – Tuffrock Australia, Northside Barefoot Trimming, Triple C Saddlery & Café, Kaz’s Flags & Tailbags