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Tamara Janus and VBA Nugget: Week Seven

Well here we are… nearly a third of the way through the challenge.

Nugget is coming along really well although not without challenges along the way. He prefers to be ridden in no tack & out on the trail. Which is incredibly fun to do so but to make a well-rounded horse & to present him at Equitana he needs to be equally as happy with saddle/bridle and working in an arena. So herein lies our problem… in an arena Nugget’s favourite thing to do is absolutely nothing.

This week we had a huge breakthrough where he was forward, responsive and happy to walk, trot & canter in the roundyard & in full tack. This has been lots of small sessions building up his confidence and rewarding him for the smallest try.

We also began working on some tricks/stunts to see what we can present in our freestyle at Equitana, I honestly still have no idea what we are going to do but this weeks photo shows how much I trust Nugget. He is such a rock solid sort of horse & sometimes when we are working together… I feel like I have known him before.

On the weekend we held a small Working Equitation get together so Nugget had the opportunity to get used to another 6 or so horses riding around him and waiting his turn to use the course. On course he was a little slow and lacked direction but dealt with all the new obstacles like an old pro.

The remainder of the week has just been spent grooming and general handling with Nugget during feed time. He is now rugged at night which means when I come into his paddock to feed I either rug or unrug him also. He does not need to be haltered for this to be done & is a huge step for him in accepting humans whilst eating. Nugget is still losing hair by the bucketload and his coat underneath is soft and shiny, I cannot wait to present him at Equitana and show everyone what a handsome horse he is turning into

If you want to check out more of this handsome fella, check out my page “TJ Equine”

Here I have uploaded regular updates with pictures, videos and more 😊

I’d also like to thank my wonderful sponsors during this challenge – Tuffrock Australia, Northside Barefoot Trimming, Triple C Saddlery & Café, Kaz’s Flags & Tailbags

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