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Tani Michelle Gregorich

Ridden Section: Non-Professional Trainer

Tani was that horse mad little girl who nagged her parents for a pony from a young age. Her dreams came true when she received her first pony at age 10. From that day, her love and passion has only grown. Tani’s Dad is horsey and taught her a lot but the best teachers were the many horses she has observed interacting in the paddocks as well as ridden over the years. Tani used to ride any horse, no matter how badly behaved, but she has learnt over the years that no horse wants to buck or rear or act out and that by teaching them and giving them the right tools, they won’t need to.

Tani believes that every interaction is teaching the horse something so every interaction needs to be positive. Also, that it takes as long as it takes! Tani’s passion is horses and she feels it is an honour to get the chance to work with and train one of our beautiful Aussie Brumbies, giving it the best chance of a beautiful future with a loving family.

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VBA Solo

Solo is a six year old dark brown gelding who was caught with his bachelor mob from the Bogong High Plains regions of the Alpine National Park in Victoria in winter, 2015. Solo was gelded and turned out into a large paddock at our Brumby Junction sanctuary to get used to life on a farm. Solo trainer in the Australian Brumby Challenge is Tani Gregorich.